You're about to discover my 15-Steps of how to quickly and easily relieve stress, tension and pain. I've created this Meaty, Free eBook to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every Pain Sufferer faces: 

* What is at the root of all your health and happiness?

* What is the #1 tool to conquer your body and mind?

* What are the best exercise choices to banish stress, tension and pain?

* What food hazards are triggering pain and inflammation?

* What are the easiest, most effective and free methods to boost health, happiness & vitality?

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Gina Perrault


"A great reference for anyone looking for simple ways to immediately improve their quality of life. The simple and effective methods provide immediate and permanent results for everyone experiencing pain if done on a consistent basis. I give it my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a place to start!" 

Nancy Toso

Branch Manager

"A unique handbook that should be a requirement in your workout or reflective space. Jason has done a wonderful job of identifying, explaining and demonstrating tools that are worthy of your time and commitment on a path to authentic living.” 

Dean Salter


"A wonderful book that encourages us to look at our health as an active, dynamic combination of the physical, the nutritional, the mental, and the spiritual dimensions of life. There’s lots of good, practical material here and lots of food for thought. This well-written book, with a personal touch, is a must read for all of us who want to focus on good life and good health"

Stephen Kubbinga


"Just a great person who is so interested and knowledgeable in body and mind health! Jason’s passion for his fellow human beings is beautifully shown in his book 15 STEPS. Lots of guidance and gold nuggets!” 


Jason Barlow, RMT

Author of The 15 Step Playbook for Pain Relief, and creator of the First Aid to Pain Relief online program, in 2011 I became the first Posturologist in Canada, specializing in assessing posture and leg length difference, to help determine the root cause of stress, tension and pain. With over two decades of professional training and experience in massage, fitness, nutrition and personal development, I have helped relieve the stress, tension and pain of thousands of patients in Canada and the U.K. 

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Jason Barlow, RMT - Okotoks, Alberta, Canada